Change Management

Change Management, Two-Day Course

Team Concepts Training & Consulting offers a two-day training course on Change Management, which consists of the latest change management methodology.   This course is offered for groups of 10 or more at the price of $1,395.00 per participant. This course is created and instructed by Behavioral Scientist and Executive Leadership Coach, M. Semi Bird.   This course includes the Change Style Indicator assessment (description below).

The following modules will be covered:

  • Module One Introduction to Change Management: This module examines the concept of change management and its impact on organizational performance and sustainability.
  • Module Two Models of Change Management: This module will discuss the different types of change, such as; planned, unplanned, transitional, and transformational. We will discuss the various models of planned and unplanned changes as well as, the various models of change management.
  • Module Three Leading Change Management: This model will discuss the roles of leaders as change agents and the appropriate leadership styles needed to address organizational change. Leaders will learn the traditional styles of leadership as well as, cutting edge approaches to manage change and ensure acceptance and sustainability.
  • Module Four Managing Resistance: This module will cover the concept of resistance, reasons, sources, and forms of resistance to change, and how to manage resistance to change. Participants will learn different concepts, forms, and causes of resistance to change in order to prevent and manage defiance to change.
  • Module Five Understanding Individual Behaviors and Organizational Culture for Change Sustainability: In this module we’ll discuss values, attitudes, personalities, and perceptions of employees, and how these determinants affect an individual’s response toward organizational change. Participants will learn how to recognize and engage various behaviors to influence acceptance to change.
  • Module Six Strategy for Structural Change and Sustainability: In this module participants will learn a wide range of management theories to discuss the concepts, types, and importance of change in organizational strategy and structure. Participants will learn a cutting-edge approach to managing organizational strategy to support positive change.
  • Module Seven Driving Innovation and Change: This module will discuss the relationship between innovation and sustainability. Participants will learn theories of resilience and change sustainability while leveraging innovation toward improved organizational performance.

Change Style Indicator

The Change Style Indicator is a leadership assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred style in approaching and addressing change. It provides leaders of all levels with insights on personal preferences for managing through change and provides context for how those around them might perceive and respond to their preferred style.


The instrument addresses both initiated and opposed change and places the respondent on a continuum between:

  • Conserver: prefers the known to the unknown
  • Pragmatist: prefers to explore the current situation in an objective manner
  • Originator: prefers a faster and more radical approach to change

With the Change Style Indicator, leaders will:

  • Learn about three unique styles for dealing with change
  • Discover their personal position on the continuum of change style preferences
  • Learn how a preferred style affects how others perceive an individual and how a style influences the perceptions of others
  • Explore the advantages and strengths that each style offers in a team effort
  • Improve interpersonal communication and understanding
  • Avoid conflicts and reduce unproductive meeting time
  • Realize the value of all perspectives when resolving issues
  • Enable the group’s creativity, collaboration, and innovation
  • Increase teamwork and cooperation