Scientifically Validated Assessments


Purpose of the Discovery Leadership Profile 360:

  1. Provide feedback on how you are viewed by those with whom you work.
  2. Better understanding of your leadership strengths and developmental challenges.
  3. Identify for greatest opportunities for improving as a leader.
  4. Develop your effectiveness as a leader
  5. To create an action plan for personal development.

The 10 competency categories are presented and described below:

  • Direction and Strategy – Anticipating future trends; providing a clear vision for the future of the organization; creating strategy, goals and objectives for getting there.
  • Follow Through and Accountability – Managing the details of initiatives and projects; ensuring that skills and resources are available to do the job; tracking and measuring progress.
  • Communication and Influence – Becoming effective at listening and two‐way communication; stating opinions effectively; selling ideas within the organization.
  • Developing and Mentoring Others – Managing the development and performance of others; communicating clear expectations; providing effective feedback.
  • Self‐Management – Varying approaches to different situations; operating from a value center; balancing priorities, maintaining composure and learning from experience.
  • Business Management ‐ Building productive relationships with partners and customers; understanding financial information; using good business judgment.
  • Team Management – Promoting a positive environment in which teams may develop and work; defining team purpose; encouraging team cooperation.
  • Change and Innovation – Being open to new ideas and opportunities; challenging the status quo; promoting continuous improvement.
  • Integrity and Trust ‐ Building the confidence and trust of others; acting with integrity; following through on promises.
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving – Considering consequences of decisions; building support for solutions; involving others in decision‐making and problem-solving processes.