ELDP Educator Leadership Development Program


Education Leader Development Program (ELDP)

Team Concepts Training Services, LLC is proud to announce our ground breaking Education Leader Development Program (ELDP) for all levels of leadership and leadership candidates working in primary through higher education.

All educators take on leadership roles. Superintendents are the leaders of their school districts, Principals are the leaders of their schools, and Teachers are the leaders of their classrooms. Every educator and administrator play a significant role in leading tomorrow’s future through the education of our youth today.

Sadly, like many specialized industries, professionals are promoted into leadership positions because they were good in their previous role and not necessarily for their leadership abilities that are paramount for their new role as an education leader. Further, little effort is put into ensuring that the professionals are prepared to lead should the opportunity arise.

This begs the questions:

  • What are you doing to develop the leaders in your school district or academic institution?
  • Do you have an institutionalized leadership development program?
  • When was the last time a leadership assessment was conducted for education leaders in your organization?

Studies show that education leaders possessing optimal leadership competencies are capable of positively influencing a variety of school outcomes, including student achievement, through their recruitment and motivation of quality teachers; ability to identify and articulate school vision and goals; effective allocation of resources; and development of organizational structures to support instruction and learning (Horng, Kalogrides, & Loeb, 2010).

Researchers suggest that success in all these areas of influence entails five key responsibilities:

  • Shaping a vision of academic success for all students based on high standards
  • Creating a climate hospitable to education so that safety, a cooperative spirit, and other foundations of fruitful interaction prevail
  • Cultivating leadership in others so that teachers and other adults assume their parts in realizing the school vision
  • Improving instruction to enable teachers to teach at their best and students to learn to their utmost
  • Managing people, data and processes to foster school improvement. (From Wallace Foundation, 2013)

The Education Leader Development Program (ELDP) Includes a highly effective development strategy that includes:

  • A comprehensive psychometric leadership assessment based on the most important leadership competency for an educator – Emotional Intelligence
  • A four-session training program which focuses on essential education leader competencies