Employee Engagement And Coaching

Employee engagement is the level of enthusiasm and commitment your people have for their work. Engagement is not mere happiness at work, but rather is a dedication to proactively furthering the objectives of the organization. Many studies have found that only a third of employees are engaged at work costing business half a trillion dollars a year. Clearly, there is an employee/employer disconnect with less than a quarter of employees feeling they understand how their company is performing. half reporting excess workplace pressure, only half feeling their HR team contributes to engagement and less than a third feeling their feedback was valued. The organizational rewards make employee engagement truly valuable with highly engaged teams generating greater customer loyalty (10%), profitability (21%) and productivity (20%).

Team Concepts can assist you to increase your workforce engagement via our consulting services or executive training.  Specifically, we can help you and your team with the following:

  • Definition of your vision and values for your employees in a manner that matters to them.
  • Identification of your employees’ priorities and aligning them with your vision and values.
  • Improving two-way communication with between your leadership and employees so that both feel valued.
  • Implementing mental and physical health and wellness strategies to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Designing a pleasing workplace that encourages collaboration, creativity and productivity.
  • Creating well-defined roles for each of your employees so your people know what success looks like and how they contribute to it.
  • Fostering healthy friendships between your employees so that job satisfaction is based on more than supervisor/subordinate relationships.
  • Creating recognition and incentive systems that employees value and that truly increase organizational success.
  • Providing opportunities for the personal and professional growth of your employees.
  • Finding and developing amazing managers that build strong relationships and foster employee satisfaction and loyalty.