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Leadership Development near Richland, WA

Servicing The Pacific Northwest Region

Leadership roles continue to evolve, making it challenging to identify the right talent for future organizational success.

The intent of this program is to identify and develop current supervisors and managers who possess and demonstrate the leadership competencies required for higher levels of leadership.

We leverage highly effective, research-based assessments and processes to identify true, diverse, high-potential talent and then benchmark current leadership potential to desired organizational outcomes.

Core Program Elements:

  • Psychometric leadership potential assessment
  • Psychometric leadership 360° assessment
  • Psychometric Management competency assessment
  • Decision making competency assessment
  • Foundational leadership competency development training (Leadership for the 21st Century)
  • Quarterly education sessions to nurture, monitor, and grow leadership competencies
  • Executive coaching

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Developing leadership competencies prior to promoting individuals sets the conditions for success.

The sad truth of the past was that we traditionally promoted individual because they were good at what they did and NOT because of their leadership ability or competency.

This program identifies employees who have exhibited a desire to grow in their profession and step up to support teammates and organizational objectives.

As employees advance through the learning pipeline, they begin to develop leadership and social competencies that will yield immediate value for the employee, teammates, and organization as a whole. These employees will operate as highly engaged contributors who will model the behaviors of peer leadership.

Core Program Elements:

  • Psychometric aspiring leadership potential assessment
  • Resiliency assessment
  • Foundational aspiring leader training
  • Quarterly education sessions
  • Mentorship and coaching engagement