Leadership Academy


Transformative Training for the 21st Century

Team Concepts Training Services conducts all employee and leadership development courses at our state-of-the-art leadership academy in Kennewick, WA in an executive setting.

Our cadre and adjunct instructors represent the very best in their fields of expertise. We conduct training at the graduate level and provide the very best in professional instruction.

Training Strategies:

  • Most of our multi-day courses are conducted one session per week to allow participants to return to work and practice what they have learned.
    • For example, a four-day course will be conducted one day per week over four weeks.
    • This approach less obtrusive on the participant’s work schedule.
  • One-day workshops are conducted to engage participants in hands on training.
  • Weekend training is available on a case by case basis to support organizational schedule needs.
  • We use the Socratic method of dialectic engagement to maximize a cross pollination of knowledge and experience among participants.


  • All curriculum is cutting edge and based on empirical research and proven science.
    • In order to be cutting edge, we must continuously monitor and utilize the latest concepts and theories in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or related methodology.
  • We continuously work to add to specific bodies of knowledge by creating new theory and methodology right here at our leadership academy.
  • We are known for our ability to provide clients with pragmatic and applicable tools that actually work on the job.
  • We design custom curriculum and workshops to address the specific needs of our clients.
    • There is no additional charge for custom curriculum development.
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