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The PEARMAN puts an end to Personality Stereotypes.

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This ground-breaking tool brings a new model of understanding and development to the field of personality type.

The Pearman represents personality along a continuum and does away with the need to choose one function or personality type over another. This eliminates the feeling of being labeled, stereotyped, or put in a box and enables a more accurate understanding of oneʼs personality.

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The Pearman Personality Integrator has over 1,000,000 unique profiles of personality type, setting a new standard for assessing personality. With an innovative assessment experience coupled with a deeper look into the individuality of personality type, the Pearman provides a measure of personality in one’s natural state (i.e., what is most comfortable) and in one’s everyday environment (i.e., what is most often demonstrated). It also explores any disconnects your clients have by providing insight into their level of flexibility, agility, and resiliency.

Key Features:

  • Represents personality along a continuum—no need to choose a preference for one personality type over another
  • Indicates behaviors that are most natural vs. those performed in day-to-day life
  • Measures the ability to leverage psychological resources to operate at peak capacity
  • Brings a scientific approach to personality type with scores, validity indicators, item-level information, and rigorous psychometric backing
  • Integrates personality type with an individual’s flexibility to provide a complete picture of an individual’s functioning
  • Features both Coach and Client reports
Pearman Leadership Lens

Pearman Personality Integrator Report – Leadership Lens

Relevant to individuals in leadership positions in corporations or other environments. Its purpose is to establish a connection between personality type behaviors, FlexIndex skills, and effective leadership competencies. The Leadership Lens enhances the Client and Coach Report with additional scores and pages, leadership-specific information and an Average Leadership Marker, helping to understand the participant’s score in relation to top leaders. The Leadership Lens also integrates the FlexIndex into a four-factor model of leadership, which includes competencies of authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation.

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Pearman Workplace Lens